Friday, April 18, 2008

Signs of life

First, I just want to clear something up: I did not have breakup sex with J-Dogg. I definitely thought about it for a solid 24 hours, but ended up only asking him to go to the grocery store with me. Still not a stellar move, but if I was going to have a weak moment, it could have been much worse. When it came down to it, I knew the angel had a much better argument than the devil...I haven't seen or heard from J-Dogg since that night.

I can't say that I don't think about J-Dogg, but I've been thinking about other things - and even other people - a little more. Nothing noteworthy yet, but here are a couple of examples to prove I might be coming back to life:

Hot Stuff
A couple of days after my last interaction with J-Dogg, my guy roommate had a friend from college come stay at our new place. When I first heard that we were going to have a visitor our FIRST weekend in our new place, I wasn't exactly psyched. We had boxes everywhere and the last thing I needed was to worry about protecting yet another person's stuff from my puppy, the potty machine. But the second I laid eyes on Hot Stuff (HS), I probably wouldn't have cared if he ate my emergency chocolate, erased my precious TiVo settings or even set off a bomb in our garage. Even though HS lives in Colorado, is WAY too young for me and has a girlfriend, I had an instant crush on him. He was clearly a Sweet Little Geek (SLG), but he also had that manly demeanor that a lot of SLGs lack. He was adorable, funny, laid back and genuinely nice. HS spent the weekend hanging out, playing with my puppy (major points), helping us unpack and setting our new, totally rad flat screen. There were a couple of touch-and-go moments when he was shirtless and I actually thought I might attack him, but I managed to keep my cool and I really enjoyed getting to know him. Its been a LONG time (well, at least about a year) since I really enjoyed getting to know a guy. On Sunday, the four of us went to brunch before HS had to head back to Colorado, and we were talking about how all of our friends seem to be getting married. HS made a comment about how "if he is lucky, he'll get married one day." My girl roommate and I were just sitting there, mouths open, staring. Here was this cool, cute, down-to-earth guy who didn't have the very common, VERY LAME attitude that relationships and marriage are things men should only enter into by force, and that all women are secretly trying to trick guys into getting hitched. Obviously life in Colorado is different than it is here in LA, but meeting HS reminded me that there are some really great guys out there.

Off limits
A member of my extended group of friends recently became single. This is the kind of guy I usually try not to have feelings for because girls L-O-V-E him. While this may mean I'm jaded, I tend to think those guys aren't worth my time. However, this guy, Mr. Off Limits, is hysterically funny, sweet and so cute that it's almost painful to look at him. Plus, we have a lot in common. The truth of the situation is that 1) due to a variety of circumstances, this guy probably wouldn't ever think of me in a romantic way, 2) he is my age, which probably means he is still too immature for me and 3) we have a number of mutual friends that could make things complicated. Regardless of all of these factors, I was surprised to find that my stomach did a little flip-flop when I heard the news that he had parted from his girlfriend. Definitely feels like things could get interesting soon...

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