Thursday, May 29, 2008

Something interesting for you poor corporate souls, bored to the point of split-end trimming, trapped in a cube farm with unflattering lighting

A friend of mine sent me the following article from Elle Magazine as it relates to my recent rant about poodles. Although the author of the article - somewhat surprisingly, a male - has a less flattering conclusion regarding poodles (the easier route to take, in my opinion) than I do, he makes some interesting points.

I appreciate poodles because they're comfortable with their femininity (the ones I'm referring to anyway), but I also appreciate a man who is able to identify and appreciate the qualities that make a real woman intoxicating,


Anonymous said...

i am that bored at work today, so thanks for entertaining me for a few minutes :)

Laurie Stark said...

Whoa, that article was so weird! It was partially encouraging and partially kind of creepy/insulting? I don't think I'd like a guy to say to me (or even think to himself), "Hey, I am literally the only person on earth who finds you attractive-- you lucky dog!" Gross! And what if I don't like him??

Definitely an interesting read though! Thanks for passing it along.