Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm baaaack

For the four or five people who still check this blog (thanks for that, by the way), here is the Cliff Notes version of where I’ve been for the past three months: After a lot of thought and research, I parted ways with Girl and Guy roommate (sniff, sniff), ended things with J-Dogg (yes, again), studied for the GRE (including re-teaching myself how to do long division), drafted my essays, gathered recommendations and applied to graduate school.

Sigh. It’s physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting just thinking about it now.

So, I’m currently living with my parents until I decide where to go to school this fall. It could be New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia or Los Angeles. Possibly even more exciting than the fact that I could be living in a new city in just a couple of months, is the prospect of getting out of my study dungeon and gathering juicy stories to share with you. It’s definitely time for some new adventures.


Anonymous said...

Starting over somewhere new is SO exciting. I am a little bit jealous. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah! Glad to have you back.

Unknown said...

You've been missed!